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We build AI-powered outbound automations for B2B startups

Build a consistent and scalable pipeline of qualified leads to grow your B2B business
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We might be a good fit if you...

Struggle with unpredictable revenue

You struggle with the wild peaks and troughs in revenue. You would like a consistent pipeline at the top of your sales funnel.

Want to see results quickly

You value short feedback loops. You'd like to see results in weeks, not months or years.

Require continuous improvement

You continuously refine your understanding of who your ideal customers are, and aim to integrate these insights into your outbound strategy.

Need a scalable sales engine

You have the resources to double down on a growth bet. You would like to invest in a project that can scale.

Want your message to feel personal

You are proud of what your team has built and care about the brand. You don't want to spam strangers. You want your message to come across as personal and relevant.

Need to target multiple personas

You have validated one or more personas as being ideal customers of your company. But you would like to test targeting different approaches and personas.
How we work with our clients

An end-to-end management of your outbound engine

We partner with you every step of the way to implementing and maintaining a performant outbound engine.

Book a free strategy call

If you would like to explore build an outbound engine together, book a free strategy call with us. We will discuss your needs and goals and decide together whether it would be a good fit.

Complete an onboarding form

If you decide to move forward, we will send you a contract to sign and an onboarding form. It usually takes less than an hour to fill out the form. Your answers will provide the foundation for building our initial campaign.

Review campaign details

We will share the initial draft of the campaign, including target demographic and campaign cadence, for you to review. We will make adjustments based on your feedback, and then... Launch!

Connect with qualified leads

We will handle all the logistics with email communication up to the point when interested leads are ready to be handed over to you. As potential customers start rolling in, we will forward their details to you so you can connect directly with them.

Review metrics and improve

We will keep you up to date on campaign metrics on a weekly basis. Based on what we see and learn, we will iterate by modifying existing campaigns and/or launching new ones.

Monthly subscription

We handle the end-to-end implementation, from setting up the outbound infrastructure to handing off leads to you.
Simple, all-inclusive pricing
Your monthly subscription covers everything - all the tools we use on our end, including data enrichment, email management, and AI copywriting software.
Fully managed email infrastructure
We take care of the end-to-end technical implementation of setting up and managing your outbound email infrastructure. Domain reputation, email deliverability, DKIM, DMARC, inbox rotation.
2 campaigns per month and unlimited iterations
You can launch up to 2 new campaigns per month and unlimited iterations. You can place as many requests for iterations - modifying existing active campaigns and/or swapping out an old campaign for a new one. They will be processed sequentially, one request at a time.
Pay month-to-month, cancel anytime
Pay at the start of the engagement and monthly thereafter using a Stripe subscription link.

No long-term commitment required. If you are unhappy with our services, you can cancel any time and your pro-rated monthly fee will be refunded the next day.


Waitlist open
A done-for-you plan tailored for scaling startups starting at $5,500+
Ramp up to 10,000 emails sent per month
Unlimited iterations on targeting & messaging
Fully managed outbound email infrastructure
Real-time handoff of leads for minimum delay
No long-term contracts - pay month-to-month
Weekly reports on key performance metrics
Real-time support on any issues
Our clients say

We love working with startup founders and VCs

Hear from some of our amazing clients.

I can't recommend Joe enough for any startup founder seeking to take their business to the next level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with such an incredible talent.

A profile photo of Gary, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Karrot
Gary Kim
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

In the fast-paced, venture-backed business environment, it’s usually time—not money—that becomes the biggest constraint to progress.

What sets Joe apart is his proficiency in translating strategy into actionable steps, effectively streamlining the process and saving invaluable time in the startup journey.

A profile photo of Josh, Co-founder and CEO of Groove
Josh Greene
Co-Founder and CEO

I would highly recommend working with Joe and his team at the workflow company to any startup founder seeking to eliminate manual processes, streamline their operations, and achieve efficient growth.

Ali Rohde
General Partner
Tech fit for tech startups

We use a 2024 tech stack for your 2024 business

We pride ourselves in always testing new software on behalf of our customers.  

We use cutting-edge, rigorously-tested, and market-proven software to build a highly personalized and scalable outbound engine.
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and more.
Your have questions, we have answers

Frequently asked questions

Everything you might want to know before deciding to work with us.
How are you different from other outbound agencies?
We have 10+ years of experience working at and with hyper-growth tech companies like Uber and scrappy seed-stage Y Combinator startups. We deeply understand and appreciate the need for moving, testing and iterating quickly.
Do you guarantee a certain number of leads?
We are here to help build and scale your outbound engine so that it become a key component of your demand generation strategy in the long run.

We do not guarantee x number of leads in y days, as we believe such arrangement would lead to a misalignment of incentives and short-term thinking.

However, if you become dissatisfied with our service at any point during our engagement, you can cancel your subscription and the remainder of your subscription fee will be refunded.
Does outbound really work for startups?
We believe outbound is one of the best growth engines for early-stage B2B startups. It's free, scalable, and you don't have to ask for permissions. You can practically reach anyone you want with an email or a DM, and if your outreach is relevant, timely, and personalized, you have a great chance of converting the recipient into a customer.
How does billing work?
Pay at the start of the engagement and then monthly on the same day of every month. When you cancel your plan, your remaining pro-rated monthly subscription fee is refunded.
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Interested in working with us?

If you are ready to discuss or have more questions, please get in touch with us.
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